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Below  you will find some helpful documentation when it comes to ordering parts. Often times there will be subtle differences between parts and having the correct information up front will help ensure you're receiving the correct parts.

Checking the Countershaft Bearing on a 5 Speed Case

If you are purchasing a 5 speed main case, you will want to make sure you are receiving a case with the correct countershaft. There will be 3 options, 75mm, 81mm flat and 81mm beveled. The images below should help determine the correct case you need. This is important because if you receive the wrong case, you would need to change your countershaft 2nd gear and parking gear.

98 Accord 4 Cylinder Main Case (MAXA/BAXA) - Single Breather or Double Breather?

If you are buying a main case for a 98-02 Accord 4 cylinder, you need to determine if you have a single or double breather. The images below will help you determine which case you need.