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Hi-Performance Rebuilds


These undergo the same care with inspection and cleaning as the H&A rebuilds, but you can choose options for hi-performance upgrades, such as carbon fiber synchros, dog box gears, LSDs and more.

S2000 Differential Rebuilds


Our S2000 differential rebuilds use the same meticulous care as our transmission builds. Also, just like our transmission rebuilds, we can rebuild an S2000 differential to OE specs or for hi-performance.

Case Polishing & Powder Coating


Paid a lot of money to have your entire show car look pristine but you're sick of looking at your dull and dirty transmission? We can beautify your transmission with polishing or powder coating.

Race Parts Treatment


Designed for racing applications, treated parts also work as upgraded OEM replacements. Being stronger and more durable, these products can withstand higher RPM shifts and general race track use.

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